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Bonbons for Organ



Martin Setchell is Organ Curator of the Town Hall, Christchurch Convention Centre. On this CD, recorded on the Rieger organ there, he includes some classical favourites as well as his own Three Piece Suit.

Bonbons for Organ


“....the experienced Martin Setchell ...makes what looks at first glance to be something of a mish-mash into a balanced and richly varied programme, where the more sickly bon-bons (and we all know what happens if we consume too many of them in one sitting) are interspersed with some more savoury morsels. He shows us how this new Rieger sounds altogether warmer than many of their organs, less "tight" in the reeds, more relaxed in the flutes and broader in the principal choruses. His own arrangements and compositions are worthy of a Lemare and his fingerwork (listen to that ever-busy bumble-bee) as neat and fleet as Bach's feet are supposed to have been. And that's saying something. Bon-bons? C'est vraiment bon. Yum-yum!" (Organist Review UK)

"Here's one in the eye for those who believe classical music has to be SERIOUS music... virtuoso organist Martin Setchell, on the magnificent Christchurch Town Hall Rieger organ, reminds us that the concert organ is both GRAND and FUN, in this highly entertaining collection of shorter pieces".

“Performing on the magnificent Rieger instrument at the Christchurch Town Hall, organist/curator/arranger Martin Setchell presents a cornucopia of delightful pieces, both original and transcribed, for his chosen instrument. The packaging, which includes caricatures by Al Nisbet and cartoons, all but points this product in the direction of new and young listeners - but there is much here for all to enjoy ("all", of course, inclusive of anyone from eight to eighty years young.) Benjamin Chee