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DeConstruction - Tzenka Dianova plays Satie & Cage



It began with the word deconstruction, which was “merely a pun” (Cage’s phrase) on John Cage’s construction. Originally, it was the title of a sound-recycling piece of mine, written to accompany his “Perilous Night.” Later on, the word inspired the idea of a collection of “deconstructed” works of Satie and Cage – works reinvented by unusual means, a respectful tribute to the two composers.

DeConstruction - Tzenka Dianova plays Satie & Cage


“Satie's Le piege de Meduse is a typically whimsical piece for prepared piano and is perhaps the easiest entry point for those nervous civilians, but from Cage's gloomy opener (the percussive Perilous Night) to the duet with Sarah Watkins on his vigorously lively Bacchanale, then the 14 minute ambient dreamscape of Satie's Vexations (which is like an eerie lullaby) at the end, this is a fascinating and beautifully recorded journey through sound.” Graham Reid,

“…very well produced and superbly performed programme of some fascinating music…. the integrity and quality of the performances is beyond question. I’ve enjoyed this enormously, and hope you will too.”  Dominy Clements, MusicWeb