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Dick Cathcart: Pete Kelly's Blues - His 25 Finest 1950 -1959



‘Dick Cathcart’ (1924-1993) should be a name familiar to all jazz enthusiasts as one of the great trumpeters. In fact, this Retrospective survey of the 25 finest of his wonderful 50s recordings is the first CD to be devoted to this most under-rated of artists. With a group of like-minded musicians from Ben Pollack’s Pick-A-Rib Boys such as clarinettist Matty Matlock and tenor-man Eddie Miller, he made an enormous impact as “Pete Kelly’s Big Seven” – yet the general public remained unaware that his was the sound of the fictitious Pete Kelly. One hearing of these tracks, as well as other contemporary recordings and later examples with the Kings of Dixieland (plus the persuasive advocacy of note-writer Digby Fairweather) will persuade anyone that here is some of the most thoroughly enjoyable, as well as brilliant, Dixieland jazz on record.

Dick Cathcart: Pete Kelly's Blues - His 25 Finest 1950 -1959