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Douglas Lilburn Duos for Violin & Piano



Douglas Lilburn is regarded as one of our leading composers, and the prominent New Zealand musicians Justine Cormack and Michael Houstoun present his three Sonatas for violin and piano and sparkling Allegro Concertante , written between 1942 and 1950 (with some later revisions), the fruitful period when he wrote his Aotearoa Overture and other well-known works.

Apart from the 1950 Sonata published in 1973, these duos will be unfamiliar to listeners as they have previously languished unheard and only in manuscript form in the Turnbull Library.

"Cormack and Houstoun recognised the ''charm and merit'' in the music (profoundly inspired by southern landscapes), helped to get them published, and now convince with their immaculate and respectful performances that such rescue was required."  Geoff Adams Otago Daily Times

Douglas Lilburn Duos for Violin & Piano


“This is another valuable disc that honours Lilburn by performing his music with unselfconscious generosity. Justine Cormack and Michael Houstoun are admirable advocates. The recording is generally well-judged though there are times when the piano spectrum can be somewhat harsh. It does little to dampen pleasure in the performances.” Jonathan Woolf,