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Estrella: Tui - Works for Two Pianos, Eight Hands



The winner of the 6th Annual Pettman/ROSLARTS International Scholarship was the Estrella Quartet (Bachelor of Music students Somi Kim, Gemma Lee and Cindy Tsao and graduate Judy Lee, who play two pianos with eight hands). Formed in 2010, Estrella (formerly Estrella Quartet) is the first permanent group of its kind in New Zealand. In their unique combination of four pianists at two pianos, they present a distinctive visual and listening experience. Performing classical to contemporary works, the Quartet's repertoire includes pieces dedicated to them by leading New Zealand composers.

Estrella: Tui - Works for Two Pianos, Eight Hands


"What stands out particularly on this new disc is how effectively the featured composers take advantage of 40 fingers. Estrella are four immensely accomplished musicians. The recording is excellent and there are informative booklet notes. Piano enthusiasts will surely wish to investigate this fine disc"