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Fauré The Complete Piano Works [5 CDs]



Fauré's piano music, as well as his chamber music, is frequently described with such words as "understated," "restrained," and "subtle," which means that it's not for everybody. So, for example, if you think that Tchaikovsky's concertos are the epitome of Romantic music, then this might not be for you. But if you can get into it, it can be quite extraordinarily rewarding. The harmonies and the melodies are exquisite and hauntingly beautiful.

Fauré The Complete Piano Works [5 CDs]


It's great that CRD has reissued these wonderful recordings. I had to seek out used copies of some of Crossley's Fauré recordings a number of years ago before this reissue appeared. In my opinion, Crossley has a much better sense for this music than Kathryn Stott. He just gets the tempi, the accentuation, the rubato all so right. Fauré was Ravel's teacher, so if you like Ravel, and especially his piano music, then you should consider spending some time getting into Fauré. Independent reviewer