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Franz Schubert Piano Sonatas Volume 2



Second Volume of Feltsman’s Piano Sonata Series. Volume 1 (NI 6297) is available. Schubert has been described as the last ‘classical’ and as the first ‘romantic’ composer, but it is really impossible to pin a meaningful label on him. He was and still is a very special case, a lonely figure in musical history, a dreamer who brought into music a degree of intimacy, despair, hope and disappointment previously unknown. Schubert was a sincere, shy and vulnerable man (though he did not lack confidence in himself as an artist) and his personality is clearly reflected in his music.

Franz Schubert Piano Sonatas Volume 2


"This recording is the product of a thoughtful artist working at the peak of his powers. For Schubert lovers, it is essential. For piano lovers in general, it is a strong recommendation." Brian Reinhart,

"This is a splendid disc, beautifully balanced and elegantly played; I look forward to more in the series."  Ralph Moore,