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Great Singers at the Mariinsky 1908-1913



Featuring Andrei Labinsky, David Yuzhin, Antonina Nezhdanova, Dmitri Smirnov, Vladimir Kastorsky, Yevgeniy Vitting, Yevgeniya Zbruyeva, Maria Kovalenko, Mikhail Karakash, Yevgeniya Bronskaya, Lydia Lipkovskya, Leonid Sobinov, Lev Sibiryakov, Olimpia Boronat, Elena Katulskaya, Yevgeniya Popello-Davidova.

Great Singers at the Mariinsky 1908-1913


"Here is a superb collection ... The booklet has some fine photographs and admirable notes by Boris Semeonoff. The original copies used are all in pristine condition. There are, of course, those who 'can't stand Nimbus transfers at any price'. Well, they will just have to go without, won't they." John B. Steane, Gramophone