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Trombone virtuso Bremner in a programme that runs from death defying acrobatics to the smoothest sounds you'll ever hear. Featuring four new solo trombone works

This CD features 8 pieces of music specifically chosen by David. Gareth Farr, Chris Gendell, Anthony Ritchie, and Paul Creston all feature here with compositions in the main commissioned for inclusion on this CD, alongside 3 fantastic transcriptions by Mark Lawrence of Famous Lieder from Richard Strauss and Johannes Brahms.

This album pushes the scope of the trombone as a solo instrument (heard most obviously in Kenneth Young's 'Panic'), showing a side of the instrument seldom heard. Conveying a multitude of emotions this is a CD that is a must for any budding trombonist and a truly remarkable New Zealand album in its own right.



"Gung-Ho is one classy production. Robert Catto's cover image of a feather caught in time and space is as arresting as they come and David Bremner's playlist shows just why he is one of our premier trombonists… Chris Gendall's Gung-Ho scores high-tensile virtuosics for Bremner, Watkins and ace percussionist Lenny Sakofsky. Its stalking octaves and twitchy chords patrol an expressionist space and the group's ensemble work is awe-inspiring." William Dart, NZ Herald