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Home Is Where...



Each of these three works has a sense of cultural identity and belonging to a physical location. Douglas Lilburn translates into music the sentiments of seven New Zealand poets, each expressing the pioneering experiences of European settlers in the colony. George Enescu portrays the plight of the Lautari of Romania and their endless search for stability in their adopted homeland. Ukrainian-born, Boris Pigovat emigrated to Israel in 1990 and while this sonata doesn’t make specific reference to the Jewish homeland, its music language leaves the listener in little doubt about the composer’s Russian origins and Jewish heritage. In the hands of these three master composers the essence of cultural heritage is raised to something higher than nationhood, into a kind of Nirvana, accessible and uplifting to all human consciousness.

Home Is Where...


"It's a somewhat dark, austere programme, the Lilburn especially - Salutes to Seven Poets - full of slow, intense music with the sun only occasionally bursting from behind the clouds. The playing is exceptional throughout." Gramphone, January 2015

"The three works on this disc are in total contrast to each other but work extremely well as a programme. Here they serve to focus attention on the brilliant viola playing of Donald Maurice while proving once again how ridiculous is the oft-repeated canard that the viola is the poor relation of the violin."  Steve Arloff,