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Laurence Crane: 6 Trios, 2 Solos and 1 Quintet



This collection of nine works of mine, recorded by the Ives Ensemble, spans exactly 30 years but all the music was actually written at the opposite ends of this period of time. The six trios are early pieces, composed in 1986 and 1989, while Piano Quintet and the two works for solo piano were written between 2011 and 2016. A 10th piece was also recorded and is available only on download, this is Holt Quartet, composed in 2013. If these compositions were listened to in chronological order, Hugo Pine (1989) would be followed by Piano Quintet (2011). These two works are both entirely characteristic of my compositional endeavour at those particular points in time. They are in some ways similar and in some ways different. What has changed in the intervening 22 years? Laurence Crane

Laurence Crane: 6 Trios, 2 Solos and 1 Quintet