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Notes from a Journey



This diverse and fascinating collection of works for string quartet by New Zealand composers has been chosen by the players themselves as representative of the fine body of works that has flowered around them over the last 20 years. From Psathas’s reverential “Abhisheka”, to Jack Body’s imaginative and danceable transcriptions of Asian and African rhythms.

All of these composers "journeyed" in some way to find their inspiration. John Psathas turned to the writings of Buddhist guru Chögyam Trungpa for 'Abhisheka'; Jack Body traveled to the hear the musics of China, Madagascar and Bulgaria for 'Three Transcriptions', Ross Harris went back through time to the music of Bach's 'Goldberg Variations' for his 'Variation 25', Michael Norris explores death through Inuit, Mayan, Norse and Native American cultures in the four movements of 'Exitus' and Gareth Farr and Richard Nunns, who collaborated to create 'He Poroporoaki', took this short compelling farewell for string quartet and Taonga Puoro to the home of its inspiration, Gallipoli, for its premiere

Notes from a Journey


“This celebration of the inspirational symbiosis that these four musicians share with our composer community has much going for it. If one could venture a superlative for the word immaculate, then this production would deserve it; as far as visual presentation is concerned, Simon Kaan's “Untitled Waka” on the cover could not be bettered for cool elegance.” William Dart, New Zealand Herald