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Releasing the Angel



The CD includes works for Children’s Choir and Orchestra, Cello and Orchestra and features leading Romanian Born, Canadian prepared pianist, Tzenka Dianova as well as the use of sound from Len Lye kinetic sculptures.

De Castro-Robinson has a near unique ability to imbue her compositions with colour. Her works always have a sense of melodic and rhythmic adventure about them and range from intimate solos to these dramatic large-scale orchestral canvases. This is her first full orchestral production specifically for CD release.

Releasing the Angel


5 stars “palette of many colours…primal percussion… a never-ending source of adventure.” William Dart, NZ Herald

“Eve de Castro-Robinson crafts her material like a musical sculptor. Intensity, whimsy, poetry, theatricality and unpredictability are heard in her music, which ranges from these large scale orchestral canvasses to intimate solos, vocal and electroacoustic work.” Marbecks