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The title track of this extraordinary release includes a dramatic requiem for viola and orchestra that has been called the finest composition for that combination since the Walton concerto and was the winner of the 1995 Prize of ACUM, Israel.

The world premiere of  Requiem “The Holocaust” for Viola & Symphony Orchestra  took  place  at  the  Memorial  evening  dedicated  to the Babiy Yar  tragedy    (Kiev, 2.10.2001, soloist  – Rainer Moog). In 2008 this work was performed in Wellington, New Zealand at the Concert of Remembrance 70th Anniversary of Kristallnach.

The Live recording based on a concert presented in memory of the 70th Anniversary of Kristallnacht and features leading New Zealand soloist, Professor Donald Maurice from the New Zealand School of Music with the the Vector Wellington Orchestra under direction of conductor, Marc Taddai.

The booklet for this CD is in English and Hebrew.



“This is a most extraordinary release. I guarantee it contains music like you’ve never heard before … stunning, impactful, and overwhelming.” Jerry Dubins, Fanfare