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Steep Steps - Andrew Uren



"Here is a CD of outstanding bass clarinet music from New Zealand and elsewhere, in the solo, ensemble, and chamber concerto genres. I have waited for 20 years to make this CD because I wanted the repertoire to be strong. I believe that now the time is right for the world to hear this music."  Andrew Uren

This Album features original works by New Zealand composers written for bass clarinet, never before recorded.

Steep Steps - Andrew Uren


“New Zealand's Andrew Uren is adept on bass clarinet, proving himself, with fine assisting musicians, to be world-class in 80 minutes of extraordinary works for his instrument. Kiwi composers Eve de Castro-Robinson (These Boots), John Rimmer (AU), Peter Scholes (Wireless for bass clarinet), James Gardner (Charge and Knot) contribute works. US composer Elliott Carter wrote title piece Steep Steps and others are by Gerard Brophy (Australia), Anthony Gilbert (UK), Claudio Ambrosini (Italy) and Iannis Xennakis (Greece). They are modern styles but this repertoire is strong, Uren waiting 20 years to assemble it. The soloist shows amazing ability to obtain high harmonics, also raucous or refined multiphonics, from an instrument more famous for its rich velvety bass register. Highlights: These Boots for jazzy kicks, Ambrosini's Cappriccio detto l'Ermafrodita amazes” Geoff Adams, Otago Times, March 2012