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Thys Yool - A Medieval Christmas



This Nimbus disc of 1988 features mediaeval music from Europe, and focuses on six elements of the nativity. It opens with Personent Hodie under the heading "Sing today of Joy". Seven songs depict "Winter and Wassail"; six represent "A Child is Born"; four, all from Spain, describe "Mary Mother, Queen of Heaven" and another four "Mary’s Son, Goodwill on Earth". The disc ends with the twelfth century French Mors Vitae Propitia to represent "Rebirth". This makes for a good sense of story-line and progression, and yet the programming also allows for great variety within these sections, to keep interest.

Thys Yool - A Medieval Christmas


"A richly colourful variety of sounds and rhythms, all performed with lively commitment by players and singers."

Which Compact Disc

This is a lovely disc – the selection of songs and dances is well-chosen to both complement and contrast, the Martin Best Ensemble re-create a mediaeval feel brilliantly, and the musicianship is of a high standard.

Em Marshall