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Augusta Read Thomas: Ripple Effects for 53-bell Carillon (G-Compass) 2 players



Even in a catalogue as multifarious as Thomas', the carillon piece Ripple Effects stands out as a one-off. Commissioned by Rockefeller Chapel and devised in a number of versions, sculpted for carillons of three sizes, requiring varying numbers of players, the work is described by the composer as 'a labirynth of musical interrelationships and connections' that increases in complexity to this ever-expanding spiderweb of peals. [Paul Pellay]

Ripple Effects for Carillon, a commission from Rockefeller Chapel, is dedicated to Elizabeth J.L.Davenport, Dean of Rockefeller Chapel, Chicago compassionate spirit, innovator, visionary, arts devotee, and dear friend – in celebration of her ten years as Dean. Across Ripple Effects’ 5-minute duration, it unfolds a labyrinth of musical interrelationships and connections. Rhythmic agility, counterpoint, skill, energy, dynamic range, clarity, and majesty. Throughout the kaleidoscopic journey, the work passes through many “ripple layers”. This additive process continues until the final culminating sound of the composition - a chord where every one of the bells in the carillon are rung together. [Augusta Read Thomas]

Augusta Read Thomas: Ripple Effects for 53-bell Carillon (G-Compass) 2 players