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Augusta Read Thomas: Your Kiss for Soprano & Piano



Your Kiss sets a love poem by e.e. cummings, I have found what you are like, and at first glance it is telling that the poem in question is one that exudes love without ever actually mentioning the word itself. Instead, the perfumes conjured by cummings' words slowly float, swirl and eddy in the air until they finally come to rest on the last two words, which furnish the work's title. As with the words, so with the music, as the soprano similarly floats her rhapsodic melismas, and piano chords gently anchor her in Thomas' harmonic fields. Love knows no time, cummings seems to say, and Thomas slows time down with her music to prove his (and her) point. Paul Pellay

Dancers option: Can be performed along with dancer(s) when feasible but the soprano and pianist should remain in the foreground of the performance and should not be “a back-up band” to the dancer(s). Augusta Read Thomas

Augusta Read Thomas: Your Kiss for Soprano & Piano