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Beethoven Piano Sonatas Op. 109, 110, 111



The final decade or so of Beethoven’s creative career saw one of the most incredible and highly celebrated transformations in the whole history of music. That final part of the composer’s life – arbitrarily known as ‘The Late Period’ contains the apotheosis of Beethoven’s craft in the genres of the Symphony, Mass, String Quartet and Piano Sonata.

Beethoven Piano Sonatas Op. 109, 110, 111


The authors of the Penguin Guide declared the cycle from which these performances derive as being "As sound, the finest Beethoven sonata-cycle yet on CD". Certainly, as one listens to the start of Op. 111 or to some of the great organ sonorities of the Op. 110 fugue it is impossible not to admire the sound, its clarity and dynamic range, its marbled splendour ... Bernard Roberts is a Beethoven interpreter of sterling integrity. His preference for long takes enhances that feeling." Richard Osborne, Gramophone