Bluesmaster Nuggets: Sampler Tracks of Set 6 [Digital Release Only]

1. Papa Charlie Jackson
Set 6 Disc 1: Tracks 8, 5, 17, 7 & 18
Papa Charlie Jackson, vocal/guitar/banjo
a) Look Out Papa Don’t Tear Your Pants
b) Four Eleven Forty Four
c) ‘Tain’t What You Do But How You Do It
d) Gay Cattin’
e) Forgotten Blues
2. Memphis Jug Band
Set 6 Disc 2: Tracks 2, 7, 10, 14, 12 & 17
Memphis Jug Band
Kansas City Blues
a) Feed Your Friend With a Long-Handled Spoon
b) He’s In the Jailhouse Now
c) Jazzbo Stomp
d) You Got Me Rollin’
e) Rukas Juice and Chittlin’
3. Barbecue Bob (Robert Hicks)
Set 6 Disc 3: Tracks 6, 15, 3 & 13
Barbecue Bob, vocal/guitar
a) Goin’ Up the Country
b) Yo Yo Blues No. 2
c) Easy Rider Don’t You Deny My Name
d) Unnamed Title
4. Bobbie Leecan & Robert Cooksey
Set 6 Disc 4: Tracks 8, 10, 11 & 14
Bobby Leecan, guitar & Robert Cooksey, harmonica/kazoo/vocal
Dixie Jazzers Washboard Band
a) Don’t Let Your Head Hang Down
b) Blue Harmonica,
c) Macon Georgia Cut Out
d) My Old Daddy’s Got a Brand New Way To Love
5. Roosevelt Sykes
Set 6 Disc 5: Tracks 1, 13, 8 & 16
Roosevelt Sykes, vocal/piano
Charlie McFadden, vocal & Johnnie Strauss, vocal
a) Black River Blues
b) Lonesome Clock Blues
c) Low Down Rounders Blues
d) St. Louis Johnnie Blues
6. Mississippi Sheiks Vol. 2
Set 6 Disc 6: Tracks 3, 16, 11, 15 & 7
Mississippi Sheiks
a) Please Don’t Wake It Up
b) It’s Done Got Wet
c) She’s Crazy About Her Lovin’
d) Hitting The Numbers
e) Lazy Lazy River


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A 6 track sampler from Set 6 release of the iconic Matchbox Bluesmaster LP series from the 1980s with extensive notes from world authority on the blues, Paul Oliver

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