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Christian Forshaw - Reflections of France


Additional Information

Title Christian Forshaw - Reflections of France
Catalogue Number ING1002
Barcode No
Audio Samples Fantaisie-Impromptu, for saxophone (1953)~ING1002_CD01_TK23.mp3|Improvisation et Caprice, for saxophone solo: 1. Improvisation~ING1002_CD01_TK19.mp3|Scaramouche (3), suite for saxophone & orchestra (or piano), Op. 165c: 1. Vif~ING1002_CD01_TK16.mp3|Prélude, Cadence et Finale for saxophone & piano: 2. Cadence~ING1002_CD01_TK12.mp3|Aria for clarinet & piano~ING1002_CD01_TK09.mp3|Danses Exotiques (5) for alto saxophone & piano: 4. Samba lenta~ING1002_CD01_TK07.mp3|Divertimento: 3. Presto~ING1002_CD01_TK03.mp3|Divertimento: 1. Allegro ma non troppo~ING1002_CD01_TK01.mp3
Review No
Singer N/A
Links to Biography/Other News No
Conductor N/A
Speaker N/A
Orchestra N/A

Christian Forshaw - Reflections of France