Christmas Now is Drawing Near

30 of the most beautiful traditional English folk carols performed in an authentic rural style with original instrument accompaniment.
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"An absolute winner" - Classical Music "A must for your collection" - Daily Press "Packed with interesting material - a welcome relief from the more predictable Christmas carol albums" Folk Roots

      "Many carols are printed in collections put together in the 19th and early 20th centuries. That was the time many people got vividly interested in traditional music, not only in Britain but also elsewhere. I assume one not only needs to do some research but also to use one's imagination to try to figure out how these carols should be performed, as many of them are much older than the time they were published. It seems to me the musicians have done a fine job here, and to hear well-known pieces in such an uncommon interpretation is very interesting and musically enthralling. This is also due to the general level of playing and singing.

      The pieces are presented in thematic groups; every subject is one track, so I couldn't give the timing for every single piece. The booklet gives detailed information about every single piece and its likely origin. In addition to the popular pieces I referred to above there are also lesser-known items. This mixture of popular and little-known music is one of the attractions of this disc. If you are looking for something uncommon to listen to during Christmas time, this could be it. You won't be bored, that's for sure." [Johan van Veen, Music Web International]

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