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Merry it is While Summer Lasts



Merry it is while Summer lasts features more English works than the Mediaeval Songs and Dances disc. The date ranges, however, are the same as on the previous disc (CRD3421), as is the performance style and, indeed, the performers producers and engineers. Counter-tenor Derek Huddson is a little more Blackadderish in the opening Kalenda maya than one finds in his performances in the Mediaeval Songs and Dances disc, but only for this particular work.

Merry it is While Summer Lasts


Included on the disc are songs from the Northern French Trouvere tradition, anonymous istampitas, a German Minneleid, Italian ballads of the fourteenth-century, and traditional English songs and dances, including two Morris dances. Performances are again pleasing, with strong rhythmic drives, and great sensitivity shown to the mood of the work in question. Em Marshall-Luck, MusicWeb