Engel Lund's Book of Folk Songs

"Engel Lund's collection of folksongs is a casket of musical gems. Ferdinand Rauter's piano parts are crafted in a way that never destroys the simplicity or the national character of the originals - and they cover a wide range, from Lund's native Iceland to Austria, from Eastern Europe to Kentucky. All are performed with precision and aplomb by Norbert Meyn's team of young singers and pianists." Roger Vignoles, Prince Consort Professor of Piano Accompaniment, Royal College of Music



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CD 1 - Book 1

1 Stódum tvau í túni There in the Field we parted ICELAND Sigridur Osk Kristjansdottir

2 Hjuringsvisa Herdmaid's Song NORWAY Randi Synnøve Røssaak

3 Stev fra telemarken Love Lament from Telemarken NORWAY Randi Synnøve Røssaak

4 Paal paa haugen Paul and the Hen NORWAY Randi Synnøve Røssaak

5 Kristallen den fina Like a Crystal so fine SWEDEN Håkan Ekenäs

6 Brudstassen The Wedding Array SWEDEN Anna Grevelius

7 Stor Ola, lill' Ola Big Ola, dear Ola SWEDEN Håkan Ekenäs

8 Lammen har jag Lambs have I SWEDEN Håkan Ekenäs

9 Langt udi skoven The Tree in the Forest DENMARK Jasia Julia Nielsen

10 Roselil og hendes moder Rosalil and her Mother DENMARK Jasia Julia Nielsen

11 De tolv hellige ting The twelve holy Things DENMARK Jasia Julia Nielsen

12 Es isch kei söliger Stamme No Race there is to vie SWITZERLAND Benno Widmer

13 Kuhreigen Alpine Cowherd Song SWITZERLAND Benno Widmer

14 Es kam ein Herr zum Schloessli To a little Castle there came a Knight SWITZERLAND Benno Widmer

15 Arum di Lichtelach Around the Candles YIDDISH Revital Raviv

16 Pinchosl un Chantschele Pinchossel and Hannah YIDDISH Revital Raviv

17 Die choissid beim bojn di suke The pious Jew builds his Booth YIDDISH Revital Raviv

18 Ai ai, der rebe geit Ay, ay, the Rabbi's here YIDDISH Revital Raviv

19 Sinner Man APPALACHIAN (USA) Tania Mandzy

20 Counting Song APPALACHIAN (USA) Tania Mandzy, Jasia Julia Nielsen

21 Der schwere Traum The heavy Dream GERMANY Daniela Lehner

22 Nachtwächterlied Song of the Night Watchman GERMANY Norbert Meyn

23 Fünf Söhne The Fate of the Five Sons GERMANY Daniela Lehner

24 Die Vogelhochzeit The Wedding of the Birds GERMANY Norbert Meyn

25 Maria durch ein Dornwald ging Sweet Mary through a Thorn Grove did go GERMANY Daniela Lehner


CD 2 - Book 2

1 Nattergalen The Nightingale DENMARK Jasia Julia Nielsen

2 Det haver saa nyligen regnet Tonight it has just stopped raining DENMARK Jasia Julia Nielsen

3 Munken gaar i Enge The Monk in the Meadow DENMARK Jasia Julia Nielsen

4 Naa ska'en liten faa sova saa södt The Cradle is ready NORWAY Randi Synnøve Røssaak

5 Eg heiter Anne Knutsdatter My Name is Annie Campbell NORWAY Randi Synnøve Røssaak

6 Uti vår hage Out in the Garden SWEDEN Håkan Ekenäs

7 Näfvervisen The Birchbark Song SWEDEN Anna Grevelius

8 Litlu börnin leika sjer Little Children run to play ICELAND Sigridur Osk Kristjansdottir

9 Bi bi og blaka Bye Bye and Hushabye ICELAND Sigridur Osk Kristjansdottir

10 Di alte kasche The old Riddle YIDDISH Revital Raviv

11 As ech wolt gehat dem Kaissres oizress Had I all the Emperor's Riches YIDDISH Revital Raviv

12 Du solst nit gein You shall not walk YIDDISH Revital Raviv

13 Guignolot de St. Lazot The Feast of St. Lazarus FRANCE Sophie Angebault

14 Noël Provençal Carol FRANCE Sophie Angebault

15 Ah, Lambert Ah, Lambert BELGIUM Sophie Angebault

16 Jesuken en Janneken Little Jesus and St. John HOLLAND Madeleen Ijsselmuiden

17 Andulicko Moje Mary Ann, my Pretty CZECH REPUBLIK Vojtech Safarík

18 Tenkrate Bude Victoria Then rise to Victory CZECH REPUBLIK Vojtech Safarík

19 Es geht eine dunkle Wolk herein The heavy Clouds blow up again GERMANY Daniela Lehner

20 Wiegenlied Cradle Song GERMANY Daniela Lehner

21 Die zwei Rosen The two Roses AUSTRIA Daniela Lehner

22 Heute bin ich rot Today my Blood runs red AUSTRIA Daniela Lehner

23 Hold on KENTUCKY (USA) Tania Mandzy

24 The Derby Ram ENGLAND Sigridur Osk Kristjansdottir, Norbert Meyn, Andrea Rauter, Revital Raviv, Simon Wallfisch, Benno Widmer

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