Fairy Songs

"I have always believed in magic and have loved tales of mystical beings ever since I was little.  I have been gathering this collection of fairy songs together for a while now; the harp was the perfect instrument to accompany them and Danielle has skilfully adapted the piano accompaniments. I have chosen to use settings of poetry by late 19th and 20th Century composers.  Some of these were no doubt inspired by  the pre-Raphaelite movement of Burne-Jones and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, as was Stanford in his setting of John Keats’ La Belle Dame sans Merci.  Man has illuminated his landscapes with cities and there are many less wild places left, but tread lightly and just maybe you will catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye, or hear a faint tinkling laugh, because I am sure fairies are still out there somewhere… "    Charlotte de Rothschild



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“This enchanting duo performed a programme filled with surprise and delight.”  On Stage Magazine, NCPA, Mumbai, India

"Themed recitals, and so themed CDs, are not that uncommon but Charlotte de Rothschild has made something of a speciality of them and toured the world with them. Just recently she has also toured a ‘Making History’ recital in which Danielle Perrett, herself well known as an international recitalist and a regular on CD, was her platform partner.

What a wonderful pairing they make showing an extraordinary sense of understanding and of ensemble. Lovers of British music will be particularly pleased to discover more Armstrong Gibbs and Michael Head let alone Harold Samuel and also Herbert Brewer who is usually associated with church music

The beautifully presented booklet has all of the texts, not that you will need them as Charlotte de Rothschild’s diction is immaculate but there are some Irish words to get the mind around. There are the usual performer biographies and an accompanying essay on the overall theme of the CD. There’s very little on the individual pieces or the composers but then these charming miniatures really speak for themselves." Gary Higginson- Musicweb-international.com, August 2012

Rothschild is widely admired for her clarity and elegant precision; while others may mine a greater lode of nuances, she is consistently reliable; her diverse selection of themed songs is imaginatively structured and the combination of voice and Danielle Perrett's glistening harp earns her a champion's heap of Brownie Points. Howard Smith - DailyClassicalMusic.com, 13 January 2013

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