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Forces Sweetheart and Heart Throbs of World War II



The definitive album of wartime nostalgia: 20 forces' sweethearts and 21 of their heart-throb male counterparts sing 50 great songs, mostly on the theme of parted lovers. For all the soldiers, sailors and airmen parted from their loved ones during World War II, solace was provided by the nostalgic yearnings typical of the wartime recordings made by the 20 forces' sweethearts featured on disc one of this unique collection. Here are 23 great songs, full of longing, performed by the leading songbirds of the day. Disc two features the handsome heart-throbs whose crooning soothed the loneliness of women at home when their husbands or boyfriends had gone off to fight for democracy. Here are the 21 crooners that caused most hearts to flutter, in 25 great songs, full of yearning, all recorded during the War. The 'big four' of Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Dick Haymes and Perry Como have two apiece, the 'Eberly Brothers' Bob Eberly and Ray Eberle sing two of their many hits with Jimmy Dorsey and Glenn Miller respectively, while other big names include Nat King Cole, Tony Martin and Vaughn Monroe. British-based crooners are represented by Al Bowlly, Sam Browne, Denny Dennis, Chick Henderson, Donald Peers, Hutch and Turner Layton. And one Frenchman perhaps sums up the aching nostalgia best of all: Jean Sablon with J'attendrai. Just the titles of these marvellous songs evoke the heartache and longing: As Time Goes By, I'll Never Smile Again, Long Ago And Far Away, I'll Be Seeing You, Faithful Forever, Love Letters Straight From Your Heart . . .

Forces Sweetheart and Heart Throbs of World War II