French Organ Music Volume 5 - Nicolas de Grigny

French organ music from the period of Louis XIV to the Revolution has always held fascination for performers and listeners alike. The kaleidoscope of colours, the rich and varied styles, and the sheer exuberance of the music never fail to captivate. Yet, performance practice of this music has never been fully understood.
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Nicolas de Grigny is generally considered to be one of the greatest representatives of the classical French organ school. He fully explores the entire colour palette of this organ and underlines the often majestic character of Grigny's organ music. However, the more intimate pieces, such as the duos and trios, also come off impressively. The recording of the sound of the organ is exactly right. Lovers of French organ music probably already have the four previous volumes in this interesting series of recordings and it is very satisfying that Grigny's complete output is now available in such fine performances on such a magnificent organ.

Johan van Veen, Musicweb-international

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