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From Queen of the Night to Elektra: Opera Arias, Songs & Lieder



It is easier to find roles that Laila did not sing. On the question who she liked to sing with, she immediately answered Rolf Björling. "He was a top singer who you really could trust", she said. "He had the same timbre and body form as his father Jussi. Gedda was more distant, not just as loving on the stage as Rolf, but Gedda had a wonderful sense of humour." With Gedda she sang Tosca in Savonlinna under Sixten Ehrling.

When Laila sang her last performance at the Stockholm Opera in the role as Elektra, on the 4th of May 1996, the role list was decorated with a coloured photo with the singer and a hundred of piano reductions. They contained the hundred roles that Laila sang in the Stockholm Opera during her 32 years as an employee. A most unusual record. Now Laila has also written her memoirs. She tells about her long, variable and successful career, but also difficult ordeals in her private life, for instance the stroke she suffered in 2003, and how to survive even if you are severely harrowed. Henry Larsson, translation: Bo Hyttner

From Queen of the Night to Elektra: Opera Arias, Songs & Lieder