Haydn à l'anglaise - Haydn songs (ed. William Shield)

In 1781 Haydn published his first collection of songs: XII Lieder für das Clavier…1ster Theil. The respected composer William Shield “adapted” these to English words under the title: Twelve Ballads, Composed by the celebrated Haydn of Vienna, the original accompaniments “for the Harpsichord or Piano Forte” remaining virtually unchanged. This English edition appeared in 1786. Caf€ Mozart was founded by Derek McCulloch in 1985 to explore the repertoire of the late 18th century for performances with period instruments. The group performs up and down UK in venues of all shapes and sizes, and also in Austria and Germany. The main focus of

Caf€ Mozart’s work is that of “Haydn in England” and his association with other English composers in the 1790s. CDs include Goethe & the Guitar, with an award from the British Academy, Hail Windsor, Crown’d with lofty Towers: music written in or for the royal town of Windsor in the 18th century, and Haydn & The Earl of Abingdon for Naxos. Engagements have included a concert tour of Haydn’s Burgenland in Austria and the International Early Music Festival in the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich.



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'Kirkby’s rendition of My mother bids me bind my hair, for example, contains discrete improvised vocal ornamentation, as befits the original time and place of performance; and an appropriately sighing/breathless style towards the end nicely conveys the sense of melancholy confinement experienced by the poetic subject.' Early Music Journal, May 2014

'A disc I will return to often for sheer pleasure in its innocent music-making.'John Sheppard, musicweb-international.com

'This gentle recording cleverly comes across rather like a box of chocolates, small, yet tasteful, chocolates. The playing is clear and delicate, and the piano itself has a warm, clean tone. I found myself given leisure to truly enjoy the small details: a cheeky coloration of text, a particularly delicately-placed high note, a simply-tossed ornament.' Franuke Jurgensen, Consort Magazine, June 2013

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