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Hits of '27 - 25 hits by the original artists



Retrospective’s ‘Hits Of’ series (’57 to ’61 so far) now delves back into The Roaring Twenties for all the top hits from the vintage year of 1927.

Irving Berlin’s My Blue Heaven provides the sunny title for Hits Of ’27. The carefree spirit of the jazz age was still uppermost, reflected in music of happy hedonism and summed up here by the 25 finest original hits of the year, all performed by the original artists. There are no fewer than 14 “Number Ones”, with the biggest being the title track, In A Little Spanish Town (Paul Whiteman), Charmaine (Guy Lombardo) and Blue Skies (Ben Selvin). Dance band records by such as Whiteman and Lombardo still commanded huge sales, but they were being equalled by such popular solo singers as Gene Austin and Ruth Etting – the two biggest – as well as Nick Lucas, Whispering Jack Smith, Johnny Marvin, Cliff Edwards, and so many others. A vintage year indeed!

Hits of '27 - 25 hits by the original artists


“These Retrospective releases become ever more classified as ‘historical/vintage’ as the years roll by and fewer and fewer contemporary fans remain with us. Judging by these 25 tracks, 1927 was a rich year indeed for popular music… There is so much to enjoy here…”

"... everyone with an interest in the popular music of bygone days will find their own favourites in this collection."

“Eighty-six years is a long time in the world of popular music. ‘The Roaring Twenties’ was - mostly - a ‘Happy-go-lucky’ decade in the wake of the Great War and before the Wall Street Crash. This is mirrored in these best-selling records. What struck me while listening through these twenty-five titles was that so many of the songs have survived until this very day. Two of the songs are actually older, Some of these days is from 1910, Ida, sweet as apple cider from 1903, but the rest were brand new, several of them from various shows. How well these recordings as opposed to the songs have resisted the ravages of time is another matter and depends a lot on personal taste. However, as a document of what was in vogue in 1927 this compilation is hard to beat.” Göran Forsling,