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Inspired by Mozart: Works for Cello



For more than 40 years, the Augsburg cellist Julius Berger has been a mainstay of the musical world. Not just because he is a wonderful interpreter, a 'prophet of the cello', as Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper critic W. E. von Lewinsky hailed him following his second recording of Bach's cello suite, but because he looks to enrich the world of music in many ways, as an interpreter, teacher, researcher and thinker who is not content simply to follow the well-trodden path. In demand as a soloist and chamber musician worldwide, he has recorded numerous CDs and trained talented up-and-coming musicians.

Following the success of Inspired by Bach Julius Berger returns with another programme exploring the influence of a great composer on the cello repertory. In his extended note Berger illustrates Mozart's influence in Beethoven's two sets of variations, F.X.W. Mozart's 'Grande Sonate' and Beethoven's Sonata, op.69.

Inspired by Mozart: Works for Cello


"In the two Beethoven variation-sets based on The Magic Flute, Berger shows himself to be a celist who really knows how to accompany, and both performances have an admirableness lightness of touch...This is an enterprising and enjoyable programme, and well recorded.' BBC Music Magazine, April 2016