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J.S. Bach Six Suites Bach - Six Suites for Solo Cello



I first came to Papa Westray (a small island off the most northern tip of Orkney inhabited by 70 people) in August 2007 to play a series of concerts, including a Bach recital at St. Boniface. I fell in love with Papay immediately, not because it is beautiful in a traditional sense, but because of the simplicity and practicality of the place; an island that has developed because of the needs of the people who live and work there - hardy, honest, decent working people. The wind blow incessantly, transforming the lighting and appearance of the sky and the sea in an instant throughout the day. St. Boniface, like the island, is a simple place; a small kirk made of stone with no architectural embellishments whatsoever, a meeting place for worship and community activity. During my performance there I felt the environment was guiding my interpretation. Rather than imposing any preconceived ideas that I had arrived at through many years of study and performances, I felt the music was speaking for itself and revealing its depths through its innate simplicity. I knew I had to go back to Papay and record there

Alfia Nakipbekova

J.S. Bach Six Suites Bach - Six Suites for Solo Cello


"The recorded sound captured in both venues is first class and offers the listener an intimate experience. You may be asking, do we need another recording of the Bach Cello Suites in an already crowded playing field? Nakipbekova’s readings are inspirational and she brings something fresh and spontaneous to them. There’s nothing routine here, and no-one coming to these recordings will feel in any way short-changed. These performances stand side-by side with the best." Stephen Greenbank,