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Jack Teagarden & Don Goldie - A Portrait of Mr T & Mr G: Their 21 finest 1959-1962



A portrait of a truly remarkable jazz partnership, this CD presents the combined artistry of the finest trombonist of them all, Jack Teagarden, and the man he described as: “the greatest trumpeter I’ve ever worked with . . . and I’ve worked with them all!”

Don Goldie (1930-1995) was from a younger generation than Teagarden, yet when Mr. T recruited him to his Sextet in 1959, the trumpeter’s bravura style proved the perfect foil. The music they created during their few years playing together remains among the most enjoyable jazz ever recorded. Retrospective’s survey presents a full (all but 80 minutes!) sequence of the very best. Opening with live material from New York’s Roundtable Club, there follow ten outstanding Roulette tracks from 1960/1, old favourites (Mahogany Hall Stomp) and new numbers (Blue Dawn). A contract with Verve produced two superb albums, Mis’ry And The Blues and Think Well Of Me (with strings), from which the best 9 have been selected. These include six songs by Willard Robison, whose Hoagy Carmichael-style of song-writing suits Teagarden to a T.

Jack Teagarden & Don Goldie - A Portrait of Mr T & Mr G: Their 21 finest 1959-1962


"This CD is subtitled 'Teagarden and Goldie - Their 21 Finest', and of the period when Goldie was performing as trumpet with Teagarden's band that is not a bad description. The booklet has a complete discography for all the tracks as well as an elegant essay by Digby Fairweather... This is certainly a CD that will appeal to anyone that likes well-played imaginative Traditional jazz. I recommend it." George Hulme, Just Jazz

“Wonderful jazz playing from both these greats. There was never another jazz trombonist like Jack Teagarden; his tone is fabulous, so beautiful that any classical trombonist would feel proud of it… Goldie is a great partner - they complement each other so well… There are 21 tracks in all on this generously filled CD - 79 minutes of pure enjoyment.” Amazon Customer

 “The pairing was a great success and this CD shows the best of the two musicians. The Retrospective label goes from strength to strength, bringing the music of real appeal and importance to a new audience. More please!” Amazon Customer

 “Jack Teagarden I'd heard of by name, but Don Goldie's name meant nothing to me. We'll I was in for a big surprise. They made and played some wonderful music together. Most of the songs I'd not heard of, and Jack's singing was just fine. I especially enjoyed the last 4 tracks of the CD with Jack, Don and strings…” Amazon Customer