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Marek Weber, Café in Vienna



Marek Weber (1888-1964) was the André Rieu of his day. The Austrian maestro was a skilful solo performer and, conducting with the bow of his violin – and a smile – led his orchestra with typically Viennese Gemütlichkeit or charm. Contemporaries called him “The Toscanini of Light Music”. Among countless continental orchestras then flourishing, Weber’s was the most celebrated. It was claimed that, save Caruso, he sold more records up to that time than any other artist! Retrospective’s Café In Vienna takes us back to the palm courts of that age of elegance between the wars, with a generously full programme of beautifully performed gems of light music, fine enough to grace the most stylish salon.

Marek Weber, Café in Vienna


“The usual high production values that Retrospective always offer apply to this CD, naturally, and Alan Buntimg has applied his usual magic to these vintage recordings.”- IN TUNE Magazine