Mathias Symphonies 1 & 2



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Review "William Mathias's enchanting music is unlike any other music you will hear. Much of it has an etheral, otherworldly quality, and while it is a bit edgy at times, it is lyrical and not atonal. His 3 fine symphonies just scratch the surface as he was quote prolific, and this particular CD is certainly top-shelf. And if you are a a devotee of the choral genre, there is an amazing abundance of excellent choral works by Mathias. He is on my list of top 10 composers."- Anonymous ---- "I had read that William Mathias' music was Stravinskian before hearing this disc, so that, at least, was enough to get my attention. But Mathias is no mere imitator. While he may evoke Stravinsky's neo-classicism to a degree in his Sym. #1 from 1965, he also evokes any number of other modern composers, without sounding like any of them. The 2nd Symphony, from 1983, is even more individual in its use of the symphonic form. The music is difficult to describe. There are tunes, complex vigorous rhythms, orchestral color to burn, augemented percussion, grand moments, mystical evocations of nature, without, however, traditional sound-painting. The music in these symphonies is a heady, invigorating mix of all I like about modern music, put together in propulsive and attractive way. Oh, the sound is spacious and well-recorded, too. Don't miss it!"- Timothy Dougal.
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