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Music of 19th century Jewish German Composers Vol.1




Sadly, nearly all of Brüll’s compositions have lain unheard by the public for over a century. Many never will be heard as even his great friendship with Brahms could not save him from the anti-Semetism being fuelled by Wagner and Liszt during the 19th century. Hitler idolized Wagner, and he ordered that scores of the music of Jewish composers be searched for and burnt. Fortunately for us many of them were well hidden.

Music of 19th century Jewish German Composers Vol.1


" Cameo Classics highlights Ignaz Brüll's major solo piano pieces. Janet Olney gives depth and feeling to Brüll's magical music through her sensitive playing … These premiere recordings are a splendid foretaste of Brüll's orchestral music to be found on other volumes of the Cameo Classics Jewish German series". Philip S. Gorse, Brüll Rediscovery