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Music of 19th century Jewish German Composers Vol.2




There were virtually no Jewish professional musicians or composers at the beginning of the 19th century. Richard Wagner accused the Jews of being a harmful and alien element in German culture. He argued that they had no connection with the spirit of the German people and that Jewish musicians were only capable of producing music that was shallow and artificial. The music of the Jewish composer Ignaz Brüll featured on this CD shows Wagner’s views to be completely unfounded. However, at the time, Wagner’s criticism fuelled the growing anti-Semitism in 19th century Austria and Germany, and Brüll’s considerable music output lay suppressed during his lifetime. With the rise of Nazi Germany in the 20th century, the music of Brüll was banned from being performed and his manuscripts were burnt. In 2007, for the centenary of Brüll’s death, Cameo Classics started to redress this neglect with a series of recordings.

Music of 19th century Jewish German Composers Vol.2


"The Symphony is clearly the focal point here and like the Serenade it is very well performed by the Belarussian State Symphony Orchestra under conductor Marius Stravinsky. Commitment plus finesse equals satisfaction. So too the recording. It’s well worth exploring the Symphony in what was its premiere recording."  Jonathan Woolf,

"Certainly these splendid readings of Brüll's Symphony Op.31 and Serenade No.1 Op.29, available nowhere else that I know of, are more than enough reason to send for the Cameo Classics disc" Steve Haller for American Record Guide