Launched in 2014 as an extension to our record label activity and as a newproduct stream for our Short Run production facility.

MUSIC of Our Time
Nimbus has always been associated with living composers, most prominently through our thirty year exclusive recording relationship with George Benjamin. During this time we have recognised the strength and value of the publisher and the record label working together to promote the composer, promote performances and promote the recording. Success can only be gained when all three are achieved. When we started recording works by Richard Blackford, Augusta Read Thomas and John Wallace we knew that performances would stimulate disc sales and recognised the need to promote their works to festivals, choirs, conductors and orchestras. Their immediate reaction was to request copies of scores so Publishing became a natural extension. Our composers write a broad spectrum of music including opera, symphonic, choral, chamber and solo instruments. We manage retail sales of their sheet music plus hiring of parts for larger works.
MUSIC Long Forgotten
The recording strategy for Nimbus and our Partner Labels is to seek out premiers and less well known compositions. This invariably introduces us to long forgotten works and music that for reasons unknown was never or is no longer published. Much of this has to be re-set and printed in order for it to be rehearsed and recorded by adding a cover, catalogue number and barcode we are able to make it widely available. Forgotten projects include Three Preludes for Piano Op.1 by Dimitri Kabalevsky, Seventeen keyboard miniatures by Diruta, Merulo and Mortaro all prepared by Richard Lester, and forty French and German songs by Mathilde de Rothschild. This year we will also publish Lambeth Walk by Franz Reisenstein and Rhapsody for cello and piano by Rebecca Clarke.
JUST in Time
Utilising the Nimbus Short Run production facility means we manufacture to order, eliminating stock, maximising profitability and fulfilling 100% of all orders. Our marketing efforts started in the UK and are now spreading throughout Europe and Asia. We are looking to establish distribution partnerships that are capable of marketing to promoters, festivals and performers and fulfilling orders.

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