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Rachmaninoff Preludes for Piano


Rachmaninoff Preludes for Piano


"Rachmaninoff has always been my favorite Classical Pianist and Composer. John Lill does a superb job --- definitely one of the finest Pianists alive today!"- Anonymous

"I recommend this CD for the solo piano lover, and especially anyone looking for a good recording of Rachmaninov's prelude cycle. John Lill is magnificent laying down the elegance of these works, and it is a solid 23 tracks. The quality of the recording is very good and the liner notes are beautifully written. I recommend John Lill's recording over any others' because his interpretation of Rachmaninov is unhindered by his own agenda - i.e., Lill plays the preludes nearly verbatim to the composer's direction. This makes for a body of work which can be a standard for a pianist beginning work on a prelude or just entertaining."-Steven T. Morse