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Staffan Biörklund-Jullander: Improvisations, Concert Etudes & Meditations



All music (except Bellman) on this double CD is either improvised or composed by me. Part in a freer form, others with a more solid structure. As a bonus, there is an arrangement of the first movement from Mozart's Symphony No. 40, which I did for choir and piano.

My relationship to the art of improvisation has, over the years as a musician, followed me like a shadow. It has always been there, I used to say: I play from scores just for living, but as an improviser I work as an artist. I also have divided my musical life in two parts: as a soloist, (where I improvise a lot) and as an accompanist, when it is very practical to use scores, of course. But as mentioned, my real “I” does not belong to the world of written music, unless I compose music myself. Then this will have another importance for me. My entire musical history is about the polarization of improvisation versus scored music. I cannot live without the notes, but yet feel that improvisations are suppressed by scored music. It is a very time consuming activity to practice new repertoire, and many times I feel like a copier and not easy to get the motivation. [Staffan Biörklund-Jullander]

Staffan Biörklund-Jullander: Improvisations, Concert Etudes & Meditations