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Swedish Romantics: Oskar Lindberg Choral Pieces



It was said that Anton Bruckner's music was in the nature all the time, but it took a genius to write it down. This could also be said regarding Oskar Lindberg. His music has been collected right from the deep forests in Dalarna, where Lindberg was born. Lindberg is one of the most personal of all the romantics I have encountered in my search for a new Gustav Mahler. This is the first in three with his orchestral music, in this CD also the remarkable Requiem, traditionally performed early November in the Engelbrekts Church in Stockholm (good reason to visit Sweden). It is actually not a dark drama as many requiems are but more poetic in style with remarkable choral writing. Only the very end breathes sadness and loss. The acapella pieces are very memorable in its simplistic style, blending virtuoso choral writing with Swedish folklore. Also the remaining sad drama Florez and Blanzeflor in full orchestral writing gives a somber ending to a remarkable production.

Swedish Romantics: Oskar Lindberg Choral Pieces