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Swedish Romantics: Wilhelm Stenhammar Works for Piano



Irene Mannheimers rendering of the first piano concerto by Stenhammar shows this remarkably gifted pianist in her very best, stylish and romantic at the same time. This is the Atterberg orchestration. There are now two other recordings both with Stenhammars own orchestration. I would like to say that the original orchestration used in the two other recordings would be preferable, but the difference is hardly noticeable! Atterberg, having heard the Stenhammar orchestration had a very good memory indeed! All the recordings are combined with memories of all kinds. Me and my future wife were in Gothenburg when the Saint-Saens like scherzo was recorded. In the super quick string figures in around 2:17 the orchestra had to rehearse in half speed first, and then when getting it right me and my fiancée went through the door making noices and they had to do the whole thing once more! See what love can do! Grieg and Tjaikovskij is not far away in the slow movement.

Swedish Romantics: Wilhelm Stenhammar Works for Piano


Wilhelm Stenhammar’s First Piano Concerto is the work of his youth. At the time, his compositional activities focussed on the piano, and his sound-world was still closely aligned with the German romantics whose music he took in during his studies. His musical education came at the hands of Richard Andersson, (a Clara Schumann pupil) and was further molded during his subsequent studies in Berlin (1890-1892). It is not surprising, then, that the obvious model for the grand, 50-minute Piano Concerto No.1 is Brahms in general and his Piano Concerto in the same key, B-flat minor, also in four movements. Stenhammar, who was also a pianist, performed his concerto all over the world, with the likes of Richard Strauss and Hans Richter conducting. Stenhammar is a wonderful composer for anyone who loves the late romantic style. Musicweb-international