The 4 Seasons

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"Red Priest is a group of very intelligent period instrument specialists with a red-hot wicked sense of humor... who irreverently and intelligently deconstruct these war horses and provide the listener an experience as fresh as a spring strawberry bursting on the roof of your mouth... A splendid baroque gift that will be praised as visionary and heretical in the same breath... Good show!" - ALL ABOUT JAZZ January 2003


"This is a performance that the major labels have been striving to achieve (and failing miserably to accomplish): attempting to cross the classics with modern sensibilities. Red Priest plays this music with a sense of verve and élan, and, in the process, has created a true crossover recording." - SOUNDSTAGE February 2004

"If you think you know the Seasons, if you’ve heard it (or played it) far too often to ever want to hear it again – go straight out and buy this recording. Red Priest’s performance on this disc is passionate but criminal, drunken and disorderly, manic and demonic, outrageous yet compulsive…. This stuff is cheaper than cocaine, but there’s no way it should be legal." - EARLY MUSIC TODAY

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