The Story Of Nimbus: Technology Serving The Arts - John Griffiths [Hardback Book]

Nimbus is that rarity of a company which combines business vision, artistic talent and integrity and far-sighted technical innovation.

Count Numa Labinsky (also known as the singer Shura Gehrman) met his future partner, Michael Reynolds, by chance on a train and a 'family' was born, which was soon to embrace Michael's brother, Gerald and later, Adrian Farmer and Dr Jonathan Halliday. First in Birmingham, later in a beautiful country house on the banks of the River Wye near Monmouth, the 'family' created the famous Nimbus record label and CD manufacturing company.

How Count Labinsky and his team achieved all this makes a fascinating story, not least when the author describes how they fell into but narrowly escaped the clutches of the dreaded Captain Maxwell. Extensively illustrated with photographs from the Nimbus archives, the book will appeal to music lovers and students of business innovation alike.

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