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Thys Yool: A Medieval Christmas



Thys Yool is a four-part programme of medieval music in which four images central to the Christmas story are brought together. Beginning with a sometimes melancholy picture of earth-bound humanity (Winter and Wassail), the record moves through nativity songs (A Child Is Born) towards the point at which Christian and pagan traditions come together in an adoration of the Virgin which is often expressed in the passionate language of the courtly lover. A sense of human perceptions being profoundly altered by the events of Christmas is evoked in Mary’s Son, Goodwill on Earth and a French 12th century conductus touches on the theme of Rebirth.

Thys Yool has been a popular Christmas title in the Nimbus catalogue for many years. It has previously been available at Full Price (NI 5137) now re-released at Mid Price.

Thys Yool: A Medieval Christmas


This recording from The Martin Best Ensemble still sounds fresh as paint. Songs and carols from the medieval period, spiced up with lute, Psaltery, rebec, fidel and dulcimer. Bracingly entertaining 4 Star BBC Music Magazine

Thys Yool, a new record of religious music produced by Nimbus Records, collects a repertoire divided into six parts of medieval music that reflects four main images of Christmas history. The song "Persistent hodie" (1582), originally in the Finnish language, was collected in the Piae Cantiones, a volume of 74 medieval songs with Latin texts collected by the Lutheran cleric Jaakko Suomalainen. This is a melody found in a manuscript from 1360 in the Bavarian city of Moosburg. There are seven songs from "Winter and Wassail", six songs from Spain under the title "A Chlid is Born", the four songs of Christian and pagan traditions gather in compilations to the adoration of the Virgin Mary, "Mary Mother, Queen of Heaven, "a theme that is also manifested in the four songs of" Mary's Son, Goodwill on Earth ", and finally" Rebirth ", a 12th century French conductus under the title Mors vitae Propitia. One of the features of this compact is the huge category of musicians who are part of this vocal ensemble, directed by Martin Best. This is not a typical Christmas meeting in which a few musicians agree in a studio to record a Christmas repertoire but a recording of great musical quality that recovers old traditional melodies. Martin Best, composer, director, singer and luteist has recorded early music, his specialization, since 1972. The Martin Best Ensemble works as an organic unit, of a great musical level and it is obvious that all the musicians Musicians create a medieval atmosphere with their brilliant performances. Núria Serra, Sonograma