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Untold: Improvisations



Adam Summerhayes, whose playing has been described as “astonishing” by the New York Times, tempted master accordionist Murray Grainger into a musical experiment - a quest to create music in the moment, with no conscious thought between conception and playing, to search for unexpected magic in the hope of finding a deeper and more revealing narrative. The result is “Untold”, an album that breaks all of the rules for recording an album: no preparations were made, no rehearsals took place, no track was played more than once. The music is stream of consciousness born from the folk tradition … an epic soundtrack without a film … a folk symphony … a story without words…

Untold: Improvisations


“Gorgeous stuff” Georgia Mann, BBC Radio 3

”...a stunningly beautiful… UNTOLD is a unique three-track 50-minute improvisation recorded live … the improvisational flow of their music has an almost cinematic feel, carried aloft by an air of emotion that registers on a deeper level with the listener immediately. It’s quite unlike anything else in the field and I applaud them both. It’s a stunningly beautiful creation, do yourself a favour, buy it and escape for 50-minutes.” Folk Radio

"I became utterly bewitched by the beauty of what Summerhayes and Grainger had created. It could justifiably be described as a folk symphony, possessing cyclical completeness yet creating a form that is, at once, both elemental and pastoral." David Auckland FATEA Magazine