Untold: Improvisations

Adam Summerhayes, whose playing has been described as “astonishing” by the New York Times, tempted master accordionist Murray Grainger into a musical experiment - a quest to create music in the moment, with no conscious thought between conception and playing, to search for unexpected magic in the hope of finding a deeper and more revealing narrative. The result is “Untold”, an album that breaks all of the rules for recording an album: no preparations were made, no rehearsals took place, no track was played more than once. The music is stream of consciousness born from the folk tradition … an epic soundtrack without a film … a folk symphony … a story without words…
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“Gorgeous stuff” Georgia Mann, BBC Radio 3

”...a stunningly beautiful… UNTOLD is a unique three-track 50-minute improvisation recorded live … the improvisational flow of their music has an almost cinematic feel, carried aloft by an air of emotion that registers on a deeper level with the listener immediately. It’s quite unlike anything else in the field and I applaud them both. It’s a stunningly beautiful creation, do yourself a favour, buy it and escape for 50-minutes.” Folk Radio

"I became utterly bewitched by the beauty of what Summerhayes and Grainger had created. It could justifiably be described as a folk symphony, possessing cyclical completeness yet creating a form that is, at once, both elemental and pastoral." David Auckland FATEA Magazine

“A work of startling, immediate beauty. Put simply, with Untold, this pair have created beautiful, natural music that is unrestrained and dramatic in places and soft to the point of being barely there in others. It is a rich, durable and mercurial sound that will reward many listens by providing something new to the ear every time.” Folk Radio

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