Vivaldi Concertos and other works

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) was one of the greatest composers of the Italian Baroque. He was ordained to the priesthood which, in combination with his extraordinary red hair, earned him the nickname "The Red Priest". Vivaldi put aside his priestly duties and notwithstanding his asthma, travelled throughout Italy and even as far away as Prague to present his music. His skill as a violinist was acknowledged during in his lifetime; his acclaim as a composer would come much later.


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"Although these works were written for lute or mandolin, Eliot Fisk has arranged them for the modern guitar. In an interview with him, printed in the booklet, he explains exactly what he has done and how he has created these works, always with a mind to the period of the compositions. This is a very pleasant disk which presents some delightful music in suitably small-scale performances. Without a doubt the highlight of this disk is the Double Mandolin Concerto in G, RV532, which works very well for two guitars. There is a real Venetian splendour to the slow movement and the outer, fast, movements are great fun."  Bob Briggs,

"Among various collections featuring the lute and mandolin this Nimbus collection stands out. The modern instrument performances are full of character. The Lute Concerto, D.93 stands out for its strength of personality, but both Double Concertos are very successful too and the inclusion of the Bach transcritpion is a real bonus - a most attractive little work. Outstanding playing from everyone concerned, and excellent recording."  The Penguin Guide

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