William Zinn - Works for String Quartet

Composer-violinist William Zinn was a member of many major orchestras. He performed under the world’s greatest conductors and his compositions have been played worldwide. He has composed over 500 chamber ensemble, symphony, vocal and solo instrumental works. His compositions cover the entire spectrum of musical instruments including all the woodwinds, brass, strings, harp, guitar, harmonica and piano. He composed the ‘7 Seasons’ (seven multiple movement tone poems for orchestra) based on the seven most important Jewish holidays.


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"The Wihan Quartet brings all their terrific qualities of crisp ensemble, rich textures and sensitivity to detail to these fine pieces.  The recording is very fine and there are excellent booklet notes from the composer." theclassicalreviewer.blogspot.co.uk

“American composer William Zinn has written for a richly diverse array of forces, his work list is now extensive, and as a violinist he has an executant-composer’s acuteness as to the appropriateness of things. Throughout, the Wihan Quartet proves masterly ambassadors for the music and the notes are by the composer himself.” Jonathan Woolf, musicweb-international.com 

'The sound is very good and the Wihan Quartet from Czechoslovakia are first class and we must hear more from them. They have made recordings of Beethoven, Schubert, Dvorak and Smetana and these recording should be pursued.' COPYRIGHT David C F Wright DMus 2014, wrightmusic.net

'This sumptuous and earnest music is an intensely concentrated blend of Bachian grandeur and Beethovenian gravitas.' Rob Barnett, MusicWeb-International.com, April 2014

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