Wordsworth Symphonies Nos. 2 & 3



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Review "The progressivists of 35 years ago wanted none of these traditionally-based symphonies which in their view were occupying programme-time that should have been given to the rising generation. Forty-years later, it is difficult to imagine how this music aroused such petulant hostility. On a large scale, its structure is firmly controlled. True its harmonic language might date it many years earlier, but so what. There is a brooding intensity which I find impressive and moving. Nicholas Braithwaite and the London Philharmonic are excellent advocates for this splendid music. There are rewards here for the unprejudiced, not least the superb recording quality." Gramophone GRAMOPHONE AWARD WINNER 1991, 'BEST ENGINEERED RECORDING' 'Key Recording' *** PENGUIN GUIDE 2010
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