20th Century Sonatas For Flute & Piano

Every century since the Baroque era can lay some claim to having a European ‘golden age’ for the flute, but it was Theobald Böhm’s 1847 patented invention of a much improved system of keys and fingerings which at last provided flautists with the kind of flexibility long enjoyed by violinists. Influential flautist and educator Claude-Paul Taffanel (1844-1908) made the most of Böhm’s revolutionary design and is considered the founding father of the ‘French Flute School’ established by the turn of the century. The outstanding expressive and technical prowess of flautists graduating from those classes at the Paris Conservatoire saw numerous composers paying the instrument serious attention in the 20th century, and even today you will struggle to find a leading flautist without a ‘six degrees of separation’ musical ancestry that is traceable to Taffanel.


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Review “This is an enjoyable and well-built program of twentieth century flute music. Four of the six composers are French, and another is an honorary Frenchman by residence and compositional influence. Honestly, it’s easy to love any CD of French flute music. This is the musical equivalent of getting a box of chocolates.” Brian Reinhart, musicweb-international.com
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